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The Latest Nano-Node AE Software Version Is

To Update the Software Package on the Micro-Node AE to the Latest Version, Select the ABOUT Menu on the LCD. Enter the Update URL Listed Below and Click UPDATE.

The Nano-Node AE will connect to the Update Service and display a Response Screen. Follow the instructions on this Response Screen to complete the Update.

Version 1.032 Incorporates The Following Change
Fixes Problem With Setting Receive Audio Level
Version 1.031 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Allows Setting External Radio Options
Allows Setting Duplex and Hang-Time Options
Version 1.021 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Add Listing Of All Connected Nodes To LCD
Allows Both Transceive & Monitor Connections From LCD
Version 1.010 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Improves Several Software Package Actions
Users Manual For Current Version   Users Manual
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